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Monday, November 13, 2006

Surveillance and Sousveillance

Buck, in an earlier comment:

"There are several modes of surveillance that occur at the nerve-nexes collectively named, 'the exit'."

The text is an exit made of exits.
What is going into what the exits exit? And how?
What is coming out of the exits, and to where?

And, what is the user's relation to all this exiting?

Surveillance - from above/"outside" the text, channeling the escaping impulses into a provisional forms, a "reading." the user in the role of surveillant.

(a simplified view of a neural network: more here)

Sousveillance - from within the text, (the blue circles)=elemental forces, looking around, looking up, influencing their neighbors and their predecessors into something, the moment at which the death or non-death of the author becomes beyond moot, because elements don't care where they came from, or where they are going, they simply interact. when the user's back is turned, the text is anythings. when the user focuses attention on the text, it becomes one thing. for one moment.

to dive into the moments of elemental sousveillance and play, prior to exit, is such a thing possible?


  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger buckd_dc said…

    The above/below positionality embedded in the trope has to echo a dynamics of repression, esp. the sousveillant.

    If the watcher under the subject of surveillance can present his surveillance-from-below, it will always seek to undermine the logic of surveillance even as it leverages that logic to present as its own what is otherwise to be appropriated by organs of surveillance as more quantae of the cultural condition.

    The inside/outside, above/below structure of this form also acts to persuade the sous/sur/veillant that this existence is structurally dualistic and antagonistic, and finally endorses a status quo of progressive cumulative consumption.

    If the sous/sur/veillant could recognize this spatializing rhetoric for the anaesthetic, neutralizing device that it is, she could start to build a dialectical understanding of herself as her own first audience.


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