The Poetics of Re-use

A discussion space and materials base for the reading/talk, "The Poetics of Re-use," with Brian Howe and Buck Downs, as part of the In Your Ear reading series, curated by Adam Good and Cathy Eisenhower.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

people is watching your ass (re-used)

the people look
your donkey
on guess/advise
that for someone it could be useful
(enough time given),
between the kinds to diversify it
that the whole whole time
and the practice clarifies, and fires on
like foregrounded the strategy.
I use myself from the Adam
of the sentence
began to think this line down
(which I take, in order to be normative,
naturally), - in on complete
it by before existing material
for example made their "to possess"
the low line as component of the process
in close sense.

Adam does not use itself
in this sense, there dubs expressly
commingling its with that one of another
than written exit - in up.
Like that it is us
a certain category
i.e. of, eschews
for the whole number with reasons
commingling first generation
with material appropriated/sampled/plus
towards the painted books,
which networks
or the radios of Ronald Johnson [ sic ]
will be concerned, immediately also.

I find it last aluminium
to this straight edge
from basis of a competent definition.
Document to form could exercised
into for the centuries.
Unique sense saw I never that each
to learn to write primarily is,
toward exterior letters copied,
others, thus, by copying others
toward the exterior the sentences
Product that this activity
contains the majority of everything,
which was written never,
even before the press event.
You peoples is the preservation,
who copy down the people and this,
what we call our civilizzazione.


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