The Poetics of Re-use

A discussion space and materials base for the reading/talk, "The Poetics of Re-use," with Brian Howe and Buck Downs, as part of the In Your Ear reading series, curated by Adam Good and Cathy Eisenhower.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Buck's Hopper

One of my favorite things about Buck's "Hopper," the massive document/management system into which he periodically downloads(uploads?) his collected writing fragments, is its interplay with the text of the context of its production:

Buck's Hopper
(more hopper photos)

This is page 82 (of 147) of the section of the Hopper that Buck gave me. On the right is a page of Hopper text, containing fragments of text from Buck's collection. On the left is a page from a paper called "The Names Game: Using Inventors Patent Data in Economic Research," one of the many documents he has (re)used to print out this section of the Hopper. Other documents include a Joel on Software article about guerilla interviewing practices, research on survey software, and functional specs for a web database project.
I'm not sure if Buck intentionally chose certain documents to re-use, but what fascinates me in any recombinant reading through(in) the Hopper is that one's attention can constantly jump between phrases from both context and text, living in a space where any fragment exerts a pull on its immediate neighbors (in the neighborhood of attention, that is), giving rise to strange local meanings. Elements of both text and context as strange attractors...
That so many of the re-used texts speak about various processes (for managing information, accomplishing techincal tasks, finding the best software fit for a given need) only increases the delicious play occuring with/in...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Driving Under the Influences

influence in flux influences influences in flux.
(repeat ad infi.nauseam)

making/declaring a re-usable class of a statement in brian's post:
"[ ] are my main [ ] influences"
and inserting combinations from previous posts:
"[quotations] are my main [notational] influences."
"[repositioning of propellants] is my main [hypnotic] influence."
"[not listening at all to the tame chisel] is my main [non-desparing dialetical] influence."

"The stability of the network's behavior can be plotted in response to a range of complex input values." - Clifford A. Pickover

"The exit is not just eavesdropping." - brian buck good

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My main poetic influences

Propellants that combine both fuel
and oxidizer in a cohesive, compact grain
are my main poetic influences.

- from "Mean Free Path" by Ben Lerner, Soft Targets #1

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a quotation, a couplet, and a question

"The move wouldn’t be for writers, for example, to infiltrate the academy & change the lit canon from within. It would instead be to work outside that whole institutional framework & reject questions of canonicity altogether." -- P. Inman, "a different table altogether"

o the humor of anaclitic molecule-systems
and the repositioning of wit draw me a beth

What if we understand that flarf has never been invented, period, but has actually only ever been discovered?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

a mean, a server, and a notation (or, a stop to be telexed, noon)

the serif wall of modest command

a limp hypnotism of the spats
duo's revenge beamed
in guitars. evil https
her tent in the scalp
of the tide. eaves dropping
is not ensiling at all.

"Catcalled rather than fauvism is the tame chisel of epochs rather than rasped." -- Mammon O. Word, Evil Sainted

Monday, October 23, 2006

a name, a verse, and a quotation (or, a post to be deleted soon)

the first law of thermodynamics

a philosophy of the steps
should never be made
in writing. love pitches
her tent in the palace
of the exit. eavesdropping
is not listening at all.

"Dialectics rather than dualism is the metaphysic of hope rather than despair." -- Norman O. Brown, Life Against Death

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Poetics of Re-use - Introduction

Welcome to the Poetics of Re-use blog.

This is an exploratory discussion space for the "Poetics of Re-use" reading/talk that will occur on Sunday, December 17th as part of the In Your Ear reading series, sponsored by DC Poetry.

The readers/participants will be Brian Howe and Buck Downs, and the facilitators will be Adam Good and Cathy Eisenhower.

The purpose of this blog is to initiate a discussion about what a "poetics of re-use" might mean, both in our own work and in the world, to ask questions and pose possible answers, to discuss texts and processes that might be included in a history of re-use, to explore re-use in all its contemporary manifestations, from poetry and art to business and web development.

We hope, by drawing such parallels, to understand re-use as not just an artistic strategy, but as one of the defining concepts of our current paradigm.

The blog itself will employ and encourage re-use. Participants will contribute statements, questions, sources, and materials that other participants are free to use, re-combine, question, riff on or off, or form into new statements, questions, sources or materials.

We hope, in these ways, to act through the methods of the field we are exploring...